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      After witnessing a scene where a takeaway rider was seriously injured after running through a red light in a hurry, I decided to research the reasons behind their desperate delivery of meals, and hope that more people will pay attention to this group through my work.Although distressed and puzzled during the work process, I decided to do an interactive installation focusing on the issues brought about by the online delivery system to influence people.

     The project consists of two parts: video and sound. In this film, I simulate the rider’s driving path through a first-person perspective and embed a lot of interview recordings of the delivery men I interviewed as to their "inner voice."

As long as the experiencer puts on her helmet and turns the handle of the motorcycle, she can hear the sound of the unfriendly criticism from this world that delivery men might encounter. The concept of "handle" enables the experiencer to feel the riders' dilemma: the inner voice of their struggles and love for families and the outside rebukes.

     If turning the handle, the takeaway driver will face all kinds of unfriendliness and possible accidents. If they stop turning, it means that they will lose their job, or it may mean that they have given up. Turning the handle or stopping seems to be a superficial choice for the experiencer, but it is also a metaphor for the rider's choice in the real world, and it is the choice of thousands of consumers. Only when consumers really care about the working conditions of riders can they promote industry reform and change their lives.

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