This narrative film was nominated in Commotion Picture in Hartford, where I served as producer, photographer, and art director. This is a suspenseful film. There are three spaces in common progress: her body, her unconscious dream world, and her memories. As an art director, I use yellow, green, and red to help the audience distinguish these three worlds. This film tells of a girl who wakes up from a room and finds herself dead when she goes to the bathroom. She used the only typewriter in the room to search for her lost memories, and gradually recalled how she died. In real life, her body is still in the ward, and her boyfriend is waiting outside.
Locked Out (Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival Documentary Nominated)
This documentary was recently selected for the Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival this summer, where I served as cinematographer. The Documentary tells the story of undocumented Immigrant Community in Connecticut and the activists who are helping them adjust to life and navigate the legal system to find a path to citizenship.
Lolita Fashion (Documentary)
In the documentary, we would briefly introduce what lolita fashion is and explore its culture. The main conflict of the film is the stereotypes and misconceptions of the majority towards the lolita community. The discrimination can be avoided by getting to know even a little about the sub-culture. The film would show from the perspectives of Lolita communities from New England, leading the audience to gain insights into the culture through events such as the Teahouse party. Also, by collecting the opinions of people who do not know lolita in detail, we want to present the problems and situations that lolita groups are facing. Expect for promoting its background, we would like to show the audience why a high-quality lolita dress costs so much. We would show it from the perspectives of fashion designers if we can find a New England-based designer.
This is my first feature film all made by myself in my freshman year in 2016. It's a surrealistic film that in the beginning, the character received the message "Only say let's start in front of the mirror, the perfect replica of yourself can do anything for you."  Later, in a virtual dream, the clone replaced the body. 
Chinese Flow: The Rapper Jay Law (Documentary)
This documentary tells the story of a rapper in Guangzhou, China, using Cantonese in his hometown to roam the city of Boston, wanting to bring Chinese culture to the world, and sparking with other rappers. 
Close to You
This black and white silent film is inspired by director Frank Borzage. After a semester of research on the director, we finally formed a team to write and imitate Frank's shooting methods to produce a romantic comedy.
New York Fashion Week Back The Stage (Recap)
Uconn Rally 2017 (Recap)