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"The Shape Of Wind"

<The shape of wind> windmill music instrument - Using accelerometer to control the midi and using wind sensor to adjust the echo effect of the track. I want to put this in the nature environment in the future, and let wind blowing instead of blowing with my mouth.

"My Garden"

My Garden is an interactive device, it has a very intuitive presentation, which is mainly based on hardware sensing addition in space. The PIR sensors would send a signal to the servo motors that cause the flowers to follow people’s directions. In this installation, we use the concept of "responsive architecture". "Responsive design" is originally an architectural concept, and physical space can respond according to the situation of the people in it.

MY GARDEN .m4v-high.gif

"KongMing Lantern"

Kongming Lantern is an interactive installation about the traditional Chinese culture. It allows experiencer to make wish and get physically interactive with the wish box and the screen.

Kong Ming.m4v-high.gif

"Echo Drum"

Echo Drum is a physical drum set that designed to provide people new ways of playing drum without actually using drum set but can also play with drum in physical and interactive way. Our goal for the Echo Drum is to give an interesting experience of playing drum with your friends or families and also make more people having fun with music in an innovative way. 

Echo Drum.m4v-high.gif

"The Handle"

After witnessing an accident where a delivery man gave his life after running a red light for a few seconds, I decided to understand what caused the accidents of the delivery men in the society.
While distressed and puzzled, I decided to do an interactive installation to influence the society focusing on the issues brought by the online delivery system.

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