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When I took these photos:

My photography professor Steven sent me an email asking if I would go to a Graduation Party to help take pictures. At first, I thought this was just an ordinary and crazy "American GradParty". Later, I got in touch and found out what the party and what these photos mean to them.


When contacting me, Steve told me that his father Hallas had a few days left. He hoped that I could help them take more photos and record the last moment of the family. I also postponed the original shooting itinerary without saying a word. This may be the last family portrait with Hallas. This is also the most broken-hearted time for me to take pictures.



The first sentence with Hallas’s wife Teresa (picture 4) was because she was holding a few books and asked if I wanted a copy. I asked what book it was, and her granddaughter told me that it was a book written and published by her grandmother Teresa herself, recording her life. Teresa proudly told me that she has published 1,000 copies of this book, and now there are only a dozen copies, and the title page of each book has her autograph.


She is a very talkative woman, and she told me about the places she has been to and her travel experience. She also told me that people must live faithfully. She is very gentle, talkative, and knows how to listen. When she talks, she will help me hold my hair behind my ears. I think of my grandma.

Then she asked me if I believed in religion and told me that she had believed in God since she was a child. I said that I don’t have it now, but I am very interested in Buddhism, and I also want to know about religion and gods. She told me that when she prayed next time, she would definitely tell God to let him take care of Coco, stare at her, and bless her more.

Before leaving, I told her that I believe in the stars in the sky. She told me that today is also her birthday, which is the second meaning of this party. Finally, she told me about her relationship history, and put a napkin as a bookmark on the day she met Hallas, and asked me to read their stories. I looked at it, the bookmark was just in the middle of the book, and I said, "Wow, it seems that you spent half of your life with Hallas!" But he is leaving, I think Teresa must very sad. Finally, I hurriedly bid farewell to everyone. I said to Teresa, "You are a wonderful woman."


When I took the family portrait today, although the light was too dazzling, there were a lot of shadows. They still insist on choosing the background in front of the house. Because they said that this house is of great significance to their family. Because it has a history of nearly 200 years (Figure 5).

I really like Teresa and this harmonious American family. As their photographer, I was very comfortable during the whole process. The professor was afraid that I would not adapt at first. But I really found that this family is really free, relaxed, and open.

Teresa's book records her life and all her relationship history. When she asks her granddaughters if they want to watch them, they will answer "Isn't this my honor, my dearest grandma!" They will always praise each other, and they will not be stingy in their words and actions for their love for each other. "I Love You" is their daily way of expressing love. It also reminds me that my father always tells my mother every moment, "I love you, my wife". It also made me a person who likes to express my love. I was still talking about this to my friends today, and they said that most Chinese families are too reserved, too cautious, and unable to express. Sometimes once you express or praise, others will feel a lot. In fact, speaking out love out loud is the most right way to love each other.


I hope this big family will always be happy.

I hope that the photos taken for them today will become their eternal happiness and memories💖

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