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Coco Ma is a transmedia artist, experimental storyteller, and live performer based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work uses emerging technologies and multimedia to tell stories about absurdity, female power, and culture. Drawing on her background in film, theatre, music performance, and improv comedy, she specializes in real-time motion capture, immersive experiences, and human interaction. (19).gif

The Last Dance is an immersive mixed-reality theatre experience that combines Virtual Reality and real-time Motion Capture technology. It is an experimental narrative that challenges the boundaries of space and storytelling, inspired by the enduring regrets and unfinished stories in life.

Mad Journey
Immersive Experience / Real-time Motion Capture

Mad Journey is an immersive experience in a four-projector-wall cube, developed by Unity and Optitrack Motion Capture system. It is a playful human interactive experience that let the audience experience the effects of how medicine (pain-killers) works inside the body. (20).gif (1).gif

Secret Of Nutura
Immersive Amusement Park Ride Experience

In this immersive ride, you will catch a glimpse of the ordinary day in Nutura from the perspective of a pigeon. Furthermore, you will discover the shocking secret behind this city. The story unfolds In the futuristic city of Natura.  Under the careful management of Doctor Biohm, the people, plants, and robots in this city coexist in harmony. (2).gif

Coni's Island
Live Performance/ Art Toy Design/ 3D printing/ Leap Motion

➗ is an unseen, untouchable, unbreakable interactive spatial musical performance. In the form of dividing signs, the artists will bring the consciousness fusion that 2➗2=1. Just as music communicates emotion telepathically through space, the notes will eventually pierce the walls, two hearts are linked as one. (3).gif

Coni's Island is an art toy blind box series that combines various aspects of the creative process, from toy avatar modeling and rigging, to animation and scene design in Unreal Engine, and ultimately to 3D printing and packaging design. It is a comprehensive workflow that brings together multiple disciplines in the creation of these toys.

Memcloth is a film that combines motion capture and green screen in virtual production. All the scenes were captured lively using real-time motion capture and virtual cameras. Through this work, I experienced the workflow of a screenwriter, producer, and director in virtual production. (21).gif

My first Unreal Engine short film “Chungking Woman”. I was born and raised in Chungking, a city famous for its cyber-punk style architecture and hotpot. And actually, I don’t like to watch a superhero films, so I created my own super woman. Her name is, Chungking Woman. (20).gif

Dreamcore is based on the concept "dreamcore", which is a surrealist aesthetic that uses motifs commonly associated with dreams, daydreams, or nightmares, portrayed through media. Using words, directional fiction, bit game, and a 3D environment to create a world that is uncanny, absurd, but personal. The audience needs to find a way out and be immersed in this story to escape from this nightmare. 


Interactive game / Unreal Engine / Leap Motion

Marionette is an interactive Unreal Engine project that allows people to interact with the virtual cyborg puppets with their hands in a touch-free way. The scene and virtual interactive part were created in Unreal Engine, and a Leap Motion controller was used to recognize hand postures and movements. I wanna explore whether people can maintain their original purity without being manipulated by rapid technology development in the meta world.

Life Is All About Misdirection is a musical comedy that is written, sung, and designed by me. As a comedian, I use "one-liner" and "Misdirection" comedy skills to write a musical comedy with my own avatar by 3d scanning. 

KongMing Lantern
Interactive installation

Kongming Lantern is an interactive installation about the traditional Chinese culture. It allows experiencer to make wish and get physically interactive with the wish box and the screen.

A new song "I live in Brooklyn" generated by artificial intelligence. I let the machine learn the melody of “Bad guy” for 12 seconds, and selected Rihanna and Genre Soul as the learning objects for the rest, and automatically generated the lyrics through AI software. The generated effects and melody really make me feel amazing! ! Because the sample is relatively low quality, I re-produced the accompaniment, sang and reproduced the melody concept given by AI by myself. (23).gif

<The shape of wind> windmill music instrument - Using accelerometer to control the midi and using wind sensor to adjust the echo effect of the track. I want to put this in the nature environment in the future, and let wind blowing instead of blowing with my mouth.

A documentary about the undocumented immigrant community in Connecticut and the activists who are helping them adjust to life and navigate the legal system to find a path to citizenship. We hope our documentary will promote a better understanding of the challenges facing undocumented immigrants and awaken a deeper sense of empathy among the broader public.

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