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Interactive Game

Dreamcore is based on the concept "dreamcore", which is a surrealist aesthetic that uses motifs commonly associated with dreams, daydreams, or nightmares, portrayed through media. In this interactive game, I focus on emulating the general feeling of a dream - a nightmare that can not finish the homework before the deadline. I use different types of interactive games and fiction tools: Twine, inform 7, bitsy and Unreal Engine to tell stories that connect each other through a portal. Using words, directional fiction, bit game, and a 3D environment to create a world that is uncanny, absurd, but personal. The audience needs to find a way out and be immersed in this story to escape from this nightmare. 

Level 1 - Sound interaction
截屏2022-09-28 下午6.49.48.png
Level 2 - Video interaction
截屏2022-09-28 下午6.51.32.png
Level 3 - Game interaction
截屏2022-09-28 下午6.52.02.png
Level 4 - Wake Up
截屏2022-09-28 下午6.52.29.png
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