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I'm a New Media Artist. I have been exploring the edges and possibilities outside the three-dimensional space of the video, trying to incorporate the concepts of technology, art and space. With all these internships and experiences, I could feel a little bit closer to my door, one that can integrate my past to a whole new field and one that can integrate movies, music, games, and drama.I want to create this door which can generate more possibilities for people.


Media Strategy and Partnership Intern

The director of video department (Part-Time)

Production Manager Intern

Over Seas Student Services
Marketing Intern

New York Fashion Week

Uconn Television Station

Videographer and Editor

Northeastern CT Community TV

Production Intern

Shanghai, China
August - November - 2020

New York, USA
Februry - July - 2020

Beijing, China
May - August - 2019

Boston, USA
January - May - 2019

New York, USA

Februry - 2019

Storrs, USA

2016 - 2019

Storrs, USA

January - May - 2017


Unity. Arduino. Processing.

Final Cut Pro. Adobe After Effect. Adobe Premiere. Adobe Photoshop. Lightroom. Illustrator. InDesign.

Logic Pro. Garage band.

Adobe Audition CC.


Chongqing, China


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