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AR Portal Inspiration

Actually this is my previous script for Multimedia production class at Uconn, but this script is not chosen by my group member. So I made my new work "New Beginning" through self-study and research on Unity about suicide, school violence, and cyber bullying, as I was deeply regretful about these lost lives. I hope that more people will understand their experiences and pay more heed to such social phenomena. Therefore, I set my protagonist as someone who committed suicide due to school violence, family, and Internet violence, and wanted the experiencer to experience suicide through this door of AR. When they enter, they will be told, "You are dead, but you can start again and change your destiny by making multiple choices." Then in each door, Unity will be used to build the scene corresponding to each door, and the screen in the model scene will provide two options, and each option is a video (very much like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, but in an AR way). However, people will find that after passing through the doors, the fate of death remains unchanged, as the cause of death was not the player himself, but the surrounding people and environment. The title "New Beginning" also implies an irony that people long for a new life but cannot get the ultimate salvation. I hope to wake up these three groups in society from the three perspectives of these three doors (school, internet, and family) so that these people would kindly treat people around them, including their classmates, their children, and even a stranger they don't know.  

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