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Director/ Producer/ Writer
Behind The Scene

Memcloth is a movie that combines motion capture and green screen in virtual production. It tells a story about the discussion of memory preservation and human-computer emotions related to Upload Intelligence. All scenes were captured live using real-time motion capture and virtual cameras. Through this work, I experienced the workflow of a screenwriter, producer, and director in virtual production.


Coco Ma                                                      Director/ Producer/ Writer

Keer Zhao                                                    Cinematographer/ Producer

Christopher Strawley                                  Motion Capture Supervisor

Haozhong Yao                                            Motion Capture Actor

Zoe Cohen                                                  GreenScreen Actress

Haoquan Wang                                           Production Assistant

Xiao Jiang                                                    Production Assistant

Sharan Mohanadoss                                   Camera Assistant

Preview the screenplay
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