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Secret Of Nutura

The story unfolds In the futuristic city of Natura.  Under the careful management of Doctor Biohm, the people, plants, and robots in this city coexist in harmony. There is no "death" in this city. Every day, Sparky the robot gives Perry, a pigeon who specializes in planting, a pile of mushroom spores, which is Perry’s daily work. In this immersive ride, you will catch a glimpse of the ordinary day in Nutura from the perspective of a pigeon. Furthermore, you will discover the shocking secret behind this city.
Secret Team
Technical Artist
- Blueprint
- Ride Control
Creative Director/ Producer
- World-Building
- Sequencer
- Script and Voice over
Technical Artist
- Character Animation
Robot Sparky
Pigeon Perry
Map Design
World-Building in Unreal Engine
Rider Experience Journey
Ride Location
Located in the secret corner of the futuristic style theme park
Ride Entrance
The entrance filled with shiny purple mushrooms.
A red and green striped robot is conducting experiments next to a human container in the laboratory, and some purple glowing mushrooms are growing next to it. A group of people are waiting in line, watching our protagonist Perry on a screen on TV talking to them.
Ride Vehicle
As for the ride vehicle, we want to make the audience ride a bird, sort of like how one would ride a motorcycle. (A birdcycle!)

The audience would hop on a bike, lean forward, and press their upper body forward to get into position. Then they will be strapped with safety equipment that secure one’s limbs and torso.

There are multiple ride vehicles lined up side-by-sid, but guests board their own vehicle.
Guest can wear optional 3D glasses and there are decorated storage bins behind each seat to store personal belongings.
Thoughts in the end
Perry returned to plant her mushroom spores near grandma’s painting. 

Would the extension of one’s post-mortem consciousness take away the concept of death? Is it a better society this way?
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